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Why need regularly maintain and replace the toner cartridge?

toner cartridge

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Postou 26 fevereiro 2018 - 07:39

Maybe you have encountered such a situation, a good end of the printer suddenly can not print, as only the machine will not be repaired machine we always feel helpless, had to ask professionals to repair, so unknowingly Increased office costs. In fact, many problems are avoidable. The printer can not be printed suddenly. It may be because the working time is too long or the toner cartridge runs out. Many problems can be avoided if the routine maintenance work is done.

Clean regularly. When the cf217a toner cartridge is used for a period of time, it becomes more or less contaminated. We find that the output text, the image is blurred, the end of the gray and glyph longer, etc., which requires cleaning the toner cartridge. Before cleaning, carefully remove the components of the toner cartridge, and then wipe clean the dust particles on the drum surface with absorbent cotton or advanced photographic lens, but be careful not to scratch it too much. Then the same with absorbent cotton or advanced photographic lens paper, dipped in the drum cleaner for cleaning the surface of the special cleaning agent, wiping should be taken along the direction of a spiral circle gently wipe the method, immediately after polishing with absorbent cotton cleaner Wipe clean. Finally, with a piece of talc loaded gauze on the surface of the drum gently pat a layer of talcum powder, you can put back to use, the entire cleaning process is completed.

Remove waste toner. For users who add powder, after a period of use, the waste toner collection warehouse will accumulate waste toner, if not removed in time, otherwise it will affect the print output, serious will lead to the phenomenon of powder leakage. In the event of powder leakage will lead directly to the output of the manuscript on the emergence of irregular black spots, black block, if you do not clear the waste toner and continue to use, the more waste toner piled up, and the drum friction pressure is more and more tight , Will eventually wear the photosensitive drum coating on the surface of the drum, thus damaging the entire drum. Clear method is very simple, as long as the collection warehouse open, use a cotton swab or tissue to remove the waste powder directly to remove clean.

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