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BrowseLinux for Laptop with no hard drive

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Postou 30 outubro 2017 - 02:53

Tested this on a 3 year old computer and it worked to surf online but some flash didnt function properly such as Flash based games. Performance was slower than expected that made me wonder if it was even using all 4 cores for the OS itself since its just a 93mb ISO, and system has 4GB RAM, I would have expected all contents of this distro to load into RAM and everything be lightning fast not having to run back to CD but it was much slower than I expected having to wait 10-20 seconds at times for a web page to completely load with all content. Initial boot it cant figure out what display resolution to go with and i had to tell it 1024x768 and then it loaded. As far as bugs go, it told me that my volume level was set to 65264% and I had no sound. Firefox on this would sometimes load a page slowly and other times not load a page, yet if you go to the same url again it would load. On shutdown it gives option to write changes to a hard drive so the Live OS can actually target a Hard Drive to load a prior session yet not be installed to the hard drive was interesting. First time seeing a Live Distro that gave option to save system changes to a hard drive without install actually. I use to use Knoppix years ago but Knoppix has become kind of bloated vs minimalist as far as Live Distros go. I have a laptop that doesnt have a hard drive in it and was thinking of going the route of a Live CD in it. This same laptop I have installed Linux bootable to a USB 8GB stick and that works, but its throttled by the slow USB communication. So I was thinking there must be a distro that might load from CD or DVD directly into RAM and then not need to constantly fetch files from a disc, it should be fast because it all fits within RAM by mounting a RAMDrive and everything running in RAM. But I have yet to find an OS that can do just that for Linux to boot off of media and then after loaded into RAM, everything then a shuffle within RAM itself as to what it needs. Figured I'd share this and see if anyone knows of a better Live Linux Distro that would be used mainly for web surfing and flash based games but not crawl because it had to constantly load data off of a Disc or constantly through USB 2.0 bottleneck? As well as if there is none that run after RAM injection any other distros to try out that are live and minimalist to see if that might work out better?

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