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Do you Know the printer plus powder plus ink machine jam solution?

canon printer cartridges printer cartridge

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Postou 06 setembro 2017 - 04:28

When the paper jam is more important is to take out the paper to ensure the safety of the machine, then we look at how to correctly remove the jammed paper.
Whenever the printer cartridge is jammed, most of the current mainstream machines will automatically stop working, we open the front cover will see ② for the jammed paper, and the entrance of the paper has been mixed together, in the event of jamming after ③ The power light will flash, a few print cartridge have a dedicated light. In addition ① ink cartridges stay in the left side. If you stay in the middle, take the paper to the left side of the paper to prevent scratching the print head, the laser printer's print head is very expensive. If you stay in the right side to take the paper, pull the paper to a certain extent can no longer pull, can not take the paper.
In addition, the paper must cut off the power supply, because the forced pull out the paper, it may damage the internal components of the canon printer cartridges, affecting the use. When the power is turned off, if the machine does not allow the closure of the situation, we need to manually cut off the power, that is, unplug the printer connected to the power plug.

So that the print cartridge is not connected to the case, you can open the back cover, so you can clearly see the specific situation of the cardboard.

Then we only need to stuck the paper, evenly, slowly pulled out, can be removed from the back. Pay attention to the intensity of the paper must be light, be sure to confirm the paper has been straightened out, and try to ensure that the machine within the case of paper flatness in order to slowly remove the paper.

It is recommended that you take the paper from the back, because when the paper is taken out, the paper will drive the spindle rotation, if the paper from the front, driving the spindle forward, it will cause the paper rod and the pressure , This is likely to cause damage to the bullet paper rod, bringing greater trouble.

In this way, the headache of the cardboard problem is safe and effective solution, through the above operation can be taken in the paper to minimize the risk of hardware damage.

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