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Postou 30 maro 2017 - 05:14

Until then, we're happy just being friends with them."With all these elements in play, the company aims to be ready for an IPO by year-end, as Roberts says. "We're going to be ready -- but I think if it screws up the company, or it's the wrong time, we're in NBA 2K18 MT no hurry," he points out. "A lot of it's market, a lot of it's the company performance and what investors think. Can they understand a company like ours? And what's Zynga doing? Because if they go public, they're going

to define the market."And even though a comparison between PopCap and Zynga ultimately doesn't hold up in terms of product offering and market position, investors will seek parallels -- and they'll also seek parallels between PopCap and Electronic Arts or Ubisoft, even though those would be imperfect comparisons as well. The biggest hurdle, says Roberts, is that investors "think of us as a manufacturing company. They all want to Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins know, 'what's your pipeline, how many games are in the

pipeline, how do you make them faster and make them cheaper,' and that's not what we do. A lot of our challenge will be explaining that to people, as a lot of the stock price for a company like EA is what investors think is going to happen with their next game."We really have to make sure we've got a message that they understand that's true to what we do, true to ourselves and to our culture while being a public company" before the IPO is firmly on the nba18mt table, he adds. "And if we can't, we definitely won't. If it can't make us a better company in the long term, we'll run away from it kicking and screaming."

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